Finally our first giant manta of the trip

After a quiet night at anchor we departed just before sunrise and headed to Punta Tosca, on the west side of Socorro Island, for a day of diving. Similar to Cabo Pearce, Punta Tosca features a long lava finger reaching out into the pacific offering a steep and craggy underwater ridge to explore. The weather was beautiful with a clear blue sky and calm seas as we headed out from the mother-ship towards the divesite. Immediately after dropping the first load of divers into the water I noticed nearby the familiar sight of a giant manta ray, with its ‘wing’ tips emerging from the water, resembling the dorsal fin of a large shark at times. Several more sighting from the surface told me that the divers were finally getting to enjoy the beautiful animals. We had 3 to 4 individual mantas with us for the day, a couple of which were definitely real ‘players’ and allowed for lots of personal interaction. A great day of diving!

By Nautilus Staff

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