Intimate diving encounters with dolphins in the wild

From Roca Partida we headed east for a pleasant overnight cruise to the most well known of the Revillagigedos Islands, Socorro Island. At 10 miles long and almost 4000 ft at its highest point, Socorro Island is an impressive looking volcanic island. After the necessary formalities of the Navy inspection to ensure all is in order we headed to Cabo Pearce on the east side of the island, which features a large lava finger jutting out off the mainland and offering a sheltered anchorage and some great diving on the underwater portion of the ridge. The highlight of the diving for today was the very friendly dolphins supplying us with lots of very intimate encounters, and who seem to enjoy our company as much as we do theirs! It’s a special experience to have a ‘bonding’ moment with a dolphin in the wild! We also enjoyed white-tipped reef sharks, wahoo, tiger eels, and octopus. Our only giant manta sighting here today was from the surface, unfortunately.
We finished off the day with the Nautilus adrenaline night-snorkel! After the sun goes down, flying fish are attracted to the lights of the vessel. In turn their predators also show up, one of which is the sleek silky shark. Under the guidance of our experienced divemasters, we slide into the dark water and watch these apex predators in action, gliding around us and making passes close enough to get the heart racing!

By Nautilus Staff

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