Another wild dolphin dance

Location: Cabo Pearse and Punta Tosca, Socorro Island, Revillagigedos, Mexico
5ft swell some clouds in the east that even brought a few drops of  rain
At Punta Tosca was quite slow, we had some hammerheads on distance and 1 manta on the last dive but the giant manta was not what we call “a player”.  Two trips ago people where having a blast and did not want to leave Socorro to try Roca Partida.   Oher times it is slow as this time and that is the precise nature of big animal diving.   Sometimes you have the dive of your life and have your mind blown.  And then 2 days later it can be slow.
Water: Viz 60-80 ft
Weather: Temp 28 watertemp 26-27

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