Mermaids in my dreams calling me down deeper and deeper

Location: The Boiler, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Mexico
First dive we got in to a group of 7-8 dolphins staying up vertical and performed an inviting dance for a good long while sinking deeper and deeper until we had to start to acsend cause of our bottom time and PO2. As the dolphins sees us they do this sometimes standing up vertical waiving their tail to not sink to fast cause they are quite negative in their bodies in water and you , the diver follows them fascinated with their dance and film or just look at them and they, like mermaids in my dreams calling me down deeper and deeper….On top of that it was one of theese good nice boiler days  Mantas  where in play mode coming and meeting up with us over and over  again. Second day and we got them all in this first two days.   Divemaster Sten.
Weather: Temp 30 C
Water: Water 26 C.  Viz from 50-90ft (changing). Some wind not as hard as last day A very long swell of ca 8 ft.  Better conditions for the Boiler today

By Nautilus Staff

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