Hammerhead sharks at the cleaning station

Location: The Canyon, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Mexico
Windy 8 foot seas open ocean but sheltered with low swell at the Canyon it was calm. a bit cloudy , but clear in the evening.
We started off from The Canyon ,and had lots of mantas around the boat right from the start.  So it let us make the choice to stay at  the Canyon the whole day. For some of us we did the typical thing, Dove around all the cleaningstations had a few Hammerheads and well back under the boat there we met the giant mantas that one of our guests  “dragged” home from their dive. It happens so often at the Canyon that a manta ray or two has followed some divers back to the boat and there is where we get the best interaction with them. The last dive was really nice. Sun was shining giving this beatiful light, not the best for photographers but gives a  nice atmosphere. We got hammerheads out on the cleaningstation and a manta just slowly passed infront of our noses.  A couple of juvenile silvertips and lots of Jacks. Nice start of the trip. Lead divemaster Sten.
Weather: Temp 30 C
Water: Watertemp 27 C Viz ca 60-80ft

By Nautilus Staff

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