4 mantas who were all real players

After another quiet night at anchor, we headed around the corner to the famous ‘Boiler’, a pinnacle jutting up from several hundred feet to within around 10 ft of the surface. As the ocean swell passes over the rock, the swell climbs and breaks, creating the boiling effect. Today however we had one of those days you always hope for and not as often get to see! Almost no wind and no swell, The Boiler wasn’t boiling today and conditions were perfect for our final day of diving. Visibility here today was 80-100 ft with a mild current, perfect for enjoying one of my favorite divesites. As we arrived on location immediately we spotted another Manta from the surface, a good sign of the diving ahead! Today turned out to be our best day for giant mantas encounters, with at least 4 individuals, all real players and spending the entire day with us, offering our guests the amazing manta ray experience every diver hopes for. For those divers who had their fill of Mantas, the Boiler has lots more to see, including white-tips, some beautiful nudibranchs, peacock flounder, wahoo, and hammerheads! Today we did spot one quite large and curious hammerhead, making a close pass and eyeing us up before disappearing again into the blue. On our last dive of the day, as the sun began setting, a very large pod of dolphins appeared and were a real treat for several of the divers who encountered them, as well as for those of us watching from above. Cruising along in the zodiac as I picked up the last of the divers, watching a beautiful sunset and dolphins leaping clear of the water alongside me was a great way to end a great day!

By Nautilus Staff

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