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  • Roca o'neil dive site

    Roca O’Neil

    Today we dived Roca O’neil a site we don’t often get to go to as it is very exposed to heavy swell. It is located on Socorro island and consists of craggy black rocks protruding from the surface of the waves several hundred meters from the islands coastline. There is a shallow plateau which extends out from the rocks which steeply drops off on all sides to over 30m (at it’s shallowest point) covered in large boulders and rock formations.The abrupt change in depth creates…

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  • Tiger shark at Socorro

    Sten Sees a Sailfish & a Tiger Shark!

    As we were leaving the deeper water, coming out of the Boiler, I had just sent up my SMB when a huge sailfish came straight up from the deep, preparing to go for the SMB!! So cool, and such a surprise! It took a couple turns around the floating SMB with its sail out and then took off. IT WAS SO BIG! Not long after we had a fat, good-sized Tiger shark checking us out. She was in no rush but kept a bit off in the distance.

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  • Magnificent Manta by The Jenny Fish

    Guest Zoe’s Adventure at The Boiler and More

    The magnificent mantas graced us with their presence at the Boiler, and at a really close distance too! There were lots of white tip reef sharks and some silver tips as well.

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  • 4 mantas who were all real players

    After another quiet night at anchor, we headed around the corner to the famous ‘Boiler’, a pinnacle jutting up from several hundred feet to within around 10 ft of the surface. As the ocean swell passes over the rock, the swell climbs and breaks, creating the boiling effect. Today however we had one of those days you always hope for and not as often get to see! Almost no wind and no swell, The Boiler wasn’t boiling today and conditions were perfect for our final day of diving. Visibility here today was 80-100 ft with a mild current, perfect for…

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