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  • Roca o'neil dive site

    Roca O’Neil

    Today we dived Roca O’neil a site we don’t often get to go to as it is very exposed to heavy swell. It is located on Socorro island and consists of craggy black rocks protruding from the surface of the waves several hundred meters from the islands coastline. There is a shallow plateau which extends out from the rocks which steeply drops off on all sides to over 30m (at it’s shallowest point) covered in large boulders and rock formations.The abrupt change in depth creates…

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  • looking up at roca partida, a sea bird flies by

    Sharks, tuna, jacks, dream-like pelagic life!

    In one moment we are completely engulfed in a school of cottonmouth jacks, the next moment, black trevally and large yellowtail charge through and split the school to find a meal. And the tuna… holy mackerel, the tuna!! Yellowfin tuna so healthy, you don’t realize just how big they are until they come close and dwarf the silvertip sharks next to you. Absolute perfection!

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  • giant manta

    First day, three amazing dives

    First day at Roca and what a truly incredible experience. Jessie guided us on three amazing dives. We saw massive schools of trevally, chevron mantas that were friendly to say the least, and a “baby” whale shark.

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  • whitetip shark above the rocks

    Schooling hammerheads & jacks – Nautilus Liveaboards Blog

    Roca was just unbelievable today, it was like going to a safari. NO CURRENT AT ALL, and schools and schools and schools of fish all over the place!

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  • The way the ocean used to be?

    Schools of Galapagos sharks, Juvenile Whale shark being pursued by Galapagos sharks, Big school of hammers, silkies, silvertips, various species hunting balls of fish, big healthy schools of trevallies, many many shelves of whitetip sharks resting together, a healthy thriving system. I had to ask my self was this the way the ocean used to be? It’s great to dive with a relaxed professional – thanks Mirko ! – Alan D, England Dive day number 5 at Roca Partida, and it was absolutely thrilling! The suspense.. was killing! We saw the mantas at the Boiler and Cabo Pierce, dolphins… loads…

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  • Zen-Like Bluewater Diving Looking for Mantas and Sharks

    Silky, Galapagos, and hammerhead sharks made numerous appearances, along with large schools of yellowfin tuna, almaco jacks, trevally, and the innumerable triggerfish and reef animals that we’ve come to expect.

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