The way the ocean used to be?

Schools of Galapagos sharks, Juvenile Whale shark being pursued by Galapagos sharks, Big school of hammers, silkies, silvertips, various species hunting balls of fish, big healthy schools of trevallies, many many shelves of whitetip sharks resting together, a healthy thriving system. I had to ask my self was this the way the ocean used to be? It’s great to dive with a relaxed professional – thanks Mirko !
– Alan D, England

Dive day number 5 at Roca Partida, and it was absolutely thrilling! The suspense.. was killing! We saw the mantas at the Boiler and Cabo Pierce, dolphins… loads of jacks… and plenty of other marine life… but one thing was missing.. you could hear people whisper between them “Where are the Hammerheads?”,”I was told i was gonna see some”… BAM! at dive number 4… the last 20 minutes of the dive…at 50 ft deep! school of Hammerheads sharks!!! AND THEY KEPT COMING!!! THEY STOOD THERE FOR THE REST OF THE DIVE!, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, everyone got out of the water with big smiles on their faces!! super!! Looking forward for some humpbacks diving the last remaining days!
– Divemaster Keoni

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