First day, three amazing dives

First day at Roca and what a truly incredible experience. Jessie guided us on three amazing dives. We saw massive schools of trevally, chevron mantas that were friendly to say the least, and a “baby” whale shark. My first whale shark sighting ever after more than 25 years of diving.

We also saw massive (300-400+ pound) tuna along with a few wahoo. Not to mention the schools of silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, white tips, etc. Truly a unique place on the planet that every diver must visit.

– Brett from Newport Coast, CA

What an amazing day of diving!!!

A giant ray 2 feet from my face that made me feel like I had a new best friend. All of sudden a whale shark comes swimming past on my other side to take my attention away from my new best friend. No worries though, the ray keeps coming back to end the show with a complete backwards flip.

The resting white tip sharks huddled in a niche by the dozen, trading places like their trying to find the best cuddle with each other. A trio of huge yellow finned tuna swim past several times showing off how tough they are scuffling together. Visibility is unbelievable 100-200 ft.

– Terry Samuels from Toronto, Canada

silky shark in the nighttime dark water

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