Up close with hammerheads and galapagos

When the moon rises for the night and flying fish are attracted by the boats light, it’s time to ease into the waters deep blue and let silky shark feed around you. Silent and peaceful they navigate around me. They’re such elegant and beautiful creatures to see.

– Franziska, Germany

What a difference water temperature makes! My last trip to Socorro in January 2016 was the beginning of the last El Nino period with warmer than normal water. We saw limited pelagic life at Fondeadero and El Canyon.

This trip is completely different so far. Not only glimpses but a few up-close views of Hammerheads and Galapagos sharks with 1-6 seen on every dive. A group of Silver Tips & several mantas were seen during the day, including one very relaxed black manta that checked out a mixed group of rebreather and open circuit divers.

– SuZQ from Houston

diver poses with some relaxed whitetip sharks on a shelf


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