Young whale shark, dancing manta

First dive, watching the tuna come sweeping in and grabbing cotton mouth jacks, which must have been good because even our guide Maya was yay-haying!!

– Steve Jones, England

It’s only a couple of days in, and I’ve already found out you don’t have to be a diver to enjoy the happenings that occur on the Nautilus Explorer! It’s just as exciting watching from the outside in! You can still see sharks from the boat and other varieties of sea life, such as dolphins, whales and other fish, with opportunities to snorkel and kayak available. Can’t wait to try it out!

All the crew are very accommodating, professional, and safety conscious at all times which makes me feel very assured and at ease. Food is amazing. Great meals and always snacks available so you will never go hungry or thirsty. I was also very surprised at the rooms and how comfortable they are! Every room with personal bathroom makes it so convenient. The boat is very organized with the schedule and always lets everyone know with announcements of what’s going on.

– Debbie Hoy, England

The morning started with the engines coming to a stop while it was still dark. As the sun rose we saw an island in the distance with two distinct peaks. As sunlight started to expose details the white slopes became evident then we noticed there were countless birds on there. This was no island, it was only a large rock that juts out of the water surrounded by the deepest dark water we have ever seen. That was our sign that the diving would be something to be remembered.

Our first dive placed us in the bay between the rocky pinnacles in crystal clear water. We saw bait balls, white tip sharks, and trevally as we descended. Visibility at 70 feet was amazing, the surface felt right above us and the bottom at over 200 feet was easy to see. The rock wall was nearly vertical with small shelves covered in stacked, sleeping white tip sharks. Then as the dive concluded we were welcomed by a social chevron manta ray.

The second dive only got better. The manta met us immediately doing its dance for anyone who wanted to watch. As we were transfixed on this marvel a young whale shark decided to pass through, much to the dismay of the performing manta. The whale shark passed within feet of us making for some truly unsurpassed video. What a great dive site! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

– John & Kathy from Agoura Hills, CA



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