Sharks, tuna, jacks, dream-like pelagic life!

Roca Partida has quickly become one of my favorite places in the world to introduce divers to the real magic of the ocean. An epic rock in the middle of nowhere surrounded with some of the most pelagic life you can dream of. Not only can we see here an impressive variety of sharks and large fish, but seeing them in such abundance and interacting all together.

Adult white tip reef sharks surf in the current together with large Galapagos and silvertip sharks, while tiny juveniles (not seen even a week ago, new babies on the rock!) spoon together on the ledges below, learning how to be sharks. In one moment we are completely engulfed in a school of cottonmouth jacks, the next moment, black trevally and large yellowtail charge through and split the school to find a meal. And the tuna… holy mackerel, the tuna!! Yellowfin tuna so healthy, you don’t realize just how big they are until they come close and dwarf the silvertip sharks next to you. Absolute perfection!

Finally, just as the schools of jacks part to show us back out into the blue, an almost 5m wide female chevron manta ray soars towards us on her lap around the rock. Wrapping up our four dives with a Manta ID session we learn that this charismatic female is not found in the ID Catalog, possibly new to science! A wonderful way to end another visit to such a healthy corner of the ocean. This place is truly bursting at the seams with life, and it is such a privilege to dive here.

– Divemaster Maya

Just awesome!!! Thanks a lot for this experience!

– Karla Deta from Peru

in a school of cottonmouth jacks

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