Debbie & the enthusiastic divers

Well, as a non-diver, I still get up early (not just for the continental breakfast) but to see the enthusiastic divers that have come to experience these water.
I see the whole crew, including the captain, on the Nautilus Explorer helping / guiding and taking out the divers, whilst the chef is working hard to feed everyone (my goodness, the food is good!) and not to forget the hostesses who not only remember everyone’s name but wait on us all. Nothing is too much trouble. They are a credit to Nautilus Liveaboards!!

– Debbie Hoy

OMG – just had to give another update. After going out on the skiff with Luis to take some close up shots of the rock, I went in to do a bit of snorkelling, as you do when in such a beautiful place. No sooner had my head gone under the water, a sight I was not expecting…the most magnificent Manta, elegantly glided below me.

I was so excited but with no camera, I lifted my head and shouted to Luis, ‘Manta, there’s a Manta!’, I then put my head back down and continued to make the most of this moment as I may not be as lucky next time.

– Debbie Hoy

We’ve just spent the last two days exploring the underwater side of Roca Partida, and have been very pleasantly surprised by all the wildlife going around and around the island. It was magical to be waiting at our safety stops and seeing giant mantas and mobulas, or silvertip sharks or silky sharks… there was always something to look forward to. Favourite moment was heading into the blue and noticing that the hammerheads were just a short swim away! Simply awesome!

– Marc Vignal, CDMX, Mexico

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