Guest Zoe’s Adventure at The Boiler and More

Day 1 of diving starts at San Benedicto! We explored 2 sites – the Canyon and the Boiler. The magnificent mantas graced us with their presence at the Boiler, and at a really close distance too! There were lots of white tip reef sharks and some silver tips as well. The crew is so super awesome I love the crew! Thanks, Ari for helping me fix my new mask by burning the silicone off, so I can actually see during the dives. They are always offering help and drinks/food all the time and making sure we are ok. I am not the most regular diver and am fairly rusty but the divemasters are so patient and nice and would go at a pace that is comfortable for us. The divemasters have a neon yellow tanks which really helps in the water to spot them as well. Between the morning dives, captain spotted the dolphins around the boat and got some of us in the skiff to go in to snorkel with the dolphins! The dolphins were so super cute and friendly! <3 At one point there were 9 dolphins swimming around making their cute little noises. (:

Day 2 and 3 was at Roca Partida, a lone rock jutting out from the sea. The first dive was already super cool with 2 hammerhead sharks, lots of white tip reef sharks nestling together on the shelves, mantas and tunas in the distance. The last dive of day 2 was the most epic though, with at least 16 Galapagos sharks and schools of tunas going past (too many to count!). Thanks to Arturo’s brilliant & hilarious marine talk from Day 0, I could try to figure out what the sharks were – silky vs dusky vs Galapagos sharks, white tip vs silvertip sharks. The food on the boat is super yummy too, thanks to Chef Luis. There are freshly baked cookies after lunch every afternoon and a dessert post dinner. Could get used to this life of dive, eat, sleep, repeat x 3. (:

–Zoe, Singapore

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