Martian feel to Socorro Island

Location: Cabo Pearce, Socorro Island, Revillagigedos Islands, Mexico.

There is something about our anchorage at Cabo Pearce which I always find a little “other-worldly”. The towering shear cliffs we anchor at the base of and the red colour of the rock out here gives everything a sort of Martian feel. The diving here can be out of this world too. On the outer site we have deep drop offs on either side of a lava finger. These are exposed to currents, which can, at times be very strong. The strong currents cause up-wellings and that usually brings in the large pelagics. I say usually, because on this particular trip we have not been seeing many sharks at all and no big schools of hammerheads. Our first dive here was not completely uneventful though. As I tied up to the mooring we had put in a small school of bottlenose dolphins began to congregate. The 8 divers and myself were soon pulling ourselves down the line in a fairly stiff current towards the lava ridge. The dolphins swimming and circling around us their high pitched squeals filling the water. Maybe the dolphins sensed that the current was too strong for us mere mortals as they stayed in and around the group as we ranged out along the ridge. Of course, dolphins being dolphins, they got bored of us after 15 or 20 minutes and headed out into the blue to hunt. Their clicks and calls remaining with us for the rest of the dive.  Diver Buzz.

Weather: Low cloud, scattered sunshine, 81 F Calm in the bay, 4ft swell on the outer dive site.

Water: Water temp 74F  visibility 40 feet

By Nautilus Staff

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