Frustrating big animal diving at Roca Partida

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro,  Revillagigedos Islands, Baja California.

As usual, we had carefully planned our trip around the weather at Roca Partida. Captain Mike may be off the boat and having fun at the dive shows, but he’s keeping an eye on us from afar and had us at “The Rock” in some pretty smooth seas after a nice easy crossing from Socorro. He may be able to helps us with the weather, but he can’t help us with the big fish. Open ocean diving like our itineraries here in the Revillagigedos can be frustrating sometimes and our time at Roca Partida on this trip was a little quiet in terms of sharks. We did witness a couple of large silvertips getting spruced up at a cleaning station and a small school of also put in a brief appearance. Even without the big boys, it’s always a pleasure to be out here at this unique and beautiful sea mount. You can’t help but feel very small out here. Of all the places you might get to dive this is one of the most remote and least dived sites on the planet. Only a couple of hundred people will dive here each year, so just to have this in your log book is pretty remarkable.   Divemaster Buzz

Weather: High Scattered cloud, 81 F 6ft swell, long period no chop

Water: Water temp 74F  visibility 70 feet

By Nautilus Staff

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