Where are the male silky sharks at Socorro Island??

Location: Cabo Pearse, Socorro Island, Revillagigeods, Baja California, Mexico

On our dives out on the lava finger at Cabo Pearse  we where not so lucky with the hammerheads – just one or two passed by, probably lack of a thermoclime and warm water. The giant pacific manta rays were around though and one was circling around us on our second dive.  The highlight of the day was 5 bottlenose dolphins following us down on the descent line and stood up in vertical position inviting us to come just face to face to them.  This evening we let ourselves down in the water on the back of Nautilus Explorer to snorkel with the silky sharks. This is something Captain Mike started doing as an experiment a number of years ago and it is always very popular with our guests.  First we thought they weren’t going to  come but later on after dinner we got them in making nice passes in front of us. What is interesting is that so far we have seen only females. Where are the males? A mother dolphin and a baby also passed by a few times clicking and whistling at us. Looking up at the surface we see a small little what we thought was a garbage or seaweed floating by. Looking closer it is a Seahorse!!! Suddenly for a moment the sharks and the dolphin are forgotten and the interest is focused on this little funny creature. It seems that the sea horse get up at night to feed at the surface. dangerous place though it seems to be. Of over 35 trips down here this is only the second time I see a seahorse.   I love it out here!! Divemaster Sten

Weather: Windy from north north east . Temp 26 C 4 ft swell but choppy. Cloud and sun. 50/50

Water: Viz 12-15 m. Temp 26 C (Very warm for this time) mild current through the whole day.

By Nautilus Staff

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