Singing humpback whales and dancing dolphins

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro, Revillagigedos, Baja California, Mexico


First dive of the morning was fantastic!! Singing humpbacks and dancing dolpins. We never saw the humpbacks but the dolpins where teasing with us fotr a long long dive in to the dive, and sharks everywhere!! Big galapagos sharks in groups, as well Silvertips and Hammerheads, Yellowfin tunas bursted in towards the schooling Creol fish and got them to panic.  Out in a distance we had a big group of bonitos passing by with a couple of silky sharks following them. At a moment as a guide it was hard to point where to look cause there where animals everywhere. as well two mantas turned up in the end of the dive one more curious then the other.  As well as a guide it makes you warm inside when a guest comes up to you after the dive gives you a hug and says that was my best dive in my 30 years of diving! Don’t thank us! Thank the mother of the sea to be generous! The second dive was not at all as intense but it was still good, this is typical of Revillagigedos, sometimes slow sometimes it just blow you a way./ How to be in success to experience it? Well put your time in to the water, you won’t see it from the boat.  Our last dive we had several hammers coming in to some of the cleaning stations.  Good Really good last two days.  Divemaster Sten


Weather: 10 – 15 knots of wind, low ocean swell of 5 – 6 feet on a decent period.  Nice conditions for diving Roca Partida.   Air temp 26C.  Mostly sunny.


Water: Vis varied from 50 – 100 feet depending on the shifting current.   Water temperature a balmy 23 – 25 degrees  (a tad warmer than we would expect for the end of January).

By Nautilus Staff

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