Guest blog trip 275

26 January 2009


Punta Tosca


The first group on the first dive was lucky enough to see four different mantas. After that it was rather quiet. Low visibility and annoying currents pushing away from the dive site and the island


Visibility around 10 m, water temp +25


Harri Wikberg



27 January 2009  Roca Partida


Fantastic first dive. No current and clear water. School of dolphins played with us for the beginning of the dive hovering in midwater, exposing their bellies and doing flips and turns. But they preferred to stay deep, 40 meters or so, so our time with them was cut short. The rest of the dive we spent in the north corner with good encounters with galapagos, silky and silvertip sharks


Visibility 30 m, water temp + 23


Harri Wikberg


Diving at Roca Partida. We had an incredible 20 minute encounter with a manta ray. She seemed to be interested in us as much as we were in her. Several moments of very close interaction with this amazing, graceful creature including what seemed like direct eye contact. 

She circled about us several times and followed us to shallower water as we made our ascent.

A truly unforgettable experience.


Mike Millet


Diving at Roca Partida hold all promises we heard before. Just after entering the water we saw a group of dolphins. Following the rocks to the south end we looked at balconies with laying whitetips and communities of morays and whitetips. Only a few moments after reaching the south end of Roca Partida the first big hammerhead occured following by 4 other hammerheads. We did not moved away and enjoyed 20 minutes of hammerhead action. This was a really great dive!

No name


28 January 2009  Roca Partida


Again a great first dive first with a pod of dolphins (10-15) and then with every shark you could expect to see here, except a whale shark: galapagos, silky, hammerhead, silvertips and of course whitetips all over the place


Visibility 25 m, water temp +23


Harri Wikberg


The last dive of this trip was again at Roca Partida. After enjoying a manta in the morning and some impressive whale jumps between the dives now we could watch at two big galapagos sharks. They seemed to be interested in us and circled around. Once the galapagos came really close so we got an eye to eye contact. Some silvertips were a little bit shy and stayed more outside in the blue. These animals are really impressive and with the picture of the shark eye in our head we are going now back to Cabo San Lucas.

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