Inadvertent scuba diving with humpback whales!!

Location: The Boiler, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedos, Baja California, Mexico

As we arrived at San Benedicto Island after a very easy and calm crossing from Cabo San Lucas,   we decided again to tke the oportunity to do our warmup dive at the Boiler.  It would be easy enough because the ocean was flat calm.   For those that need to check their weights we had put a line with a weight on the back of the Nautilus Explorer before heading to the Boiler.Right away, we were on a very very friendly black female giant pacific manta staying the whole one hour dive visiting all of us getting up eye to eye to each one. Second dive we got a second big black manta ray with us as company. Just a little of the south side of The Boiler still close by the rock 3 adult humpback whales passed by some of the scuba divers divers.My self I missed them but could see the exciting signing about waiving arms from divers showing with spread arms big! big! big! and trying to imitate the spout hole combined with big exiting open eyes and victory gestures. It gives you a smile and sometimes it is as fun to watch the excitements from our guests as the animal it self as a guide.We decided to make the third and last dive as well cause of the humback whales. The last dive was nice , but no whales or mantas, and just after coming up from the dives, the dolphins got to The Boiler, to late this time, maybe tomorrow at Roca Partida.Some ended up their day with a sun et cruise around the beautiful shore and rocky islets of San Benedicto Island.   divemaster Sten..

Weather:  Temp 28-30 C 3-4 ft swell, mostly sun. just a little wind from NNE.

Water: Temp  25 C, some termaclimes down to 23 C. Visibility around 50 ft, a soft current.   Water temperatures are 4 C warmer than we normally expect at this time of year..

By Nautilus Staff

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