In-water encounter with humpback whales.

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Revillagigedos, Mexico

Getting back to Roca Partida, again we met up with dolphins like last time. It has been more frequent than earlier. My theory is that they have been following the humpbacks out here , very often when we see hump back we see them escorted by groups of dolphins. They seems to like to surf in the front of the whale as the same way as in front of the bow of our Nautilus.  We started to try to get in to water with the humpback whales this days as weather was nice and calm. It takes a lot of patience to skp a dive “on spec” but it can really worth the effort to glide down in to the water and see this beautiful big big animal gliding by underneath you. It is beautiful!.  Humpback whales are beautiful beyond imagining.

We have been experimenting a bit with making different sounds underwater to attract sharks, sometimes it can be very effective to almost a bit intimitading.

Of one of thiis dives we got to silvertip sharks reacting and then in a short while we had 15 !! then came a large galapagos shark on arm length distance, behind we saw hammer heads passing by in a slow swim and Big 150 pounds Tunas came in solo or in small groups. One real top top dive , But no Mantas this time, It is hard to understand this rock called Roca Partida.  divemaster Sten

Weather: Sunny, low 3 foot swell in open ocean (which feels calm), high scattered clouds, light winds..

Water: Water temperature 23 degrees.  Visibility 30 metres


By Nautilus Staff

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