Guest blog – 31 May 2009

Today was an incredible way to end the trip. I saw a giant wolf eel that wouldn’t stay away from my face. It swam out of it’s hole and I wasn’t sure if it was friend or foe. Because I didn’t have any snacks for it, I had to send it on it’s way. I also saw a ginormous lingcod. Many ginormous lingcods. It was absolutely fabulous. Wendy
Hooking up with relatives and visit time on the boat while docked in front of the Empress Hotel in Victoria harbour was fabulous. Absolutely great. The posing sealion and elephant seals on the rocks at Race Rocks acted just like movie stars in front of the paparazzi. I don’t know how to say this – I am a timid diver but Captain Mike made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and not rushed or pressured. Dawn
I can’t believe how fast 9 days can pass. We need another week. What do you with stowaways when you catch them??? Don
The crew was warm and friendly as always from the Captain on down to the deckhand. Don

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