Guest Blog 30 May 2009

Kelly was so informative at the Bamfield Marine Biological Station and most appreciative of the fleece vest sent by the Nautilus Explorer as a  thank-you for a great tour. It fit her like it was made for her. What a lovely way to wind up our stay in the Barkley Sound area.  Barbara Ann
Beautiful scenery through the whole trip. Vis has been down but diving was great.   Whales, bears, eagles, sea otters and loads of  underwater life. West coast villages are quaint, rustic and easy living. The Nautilus has been home and all the crew couldn’t be any better.
Brought lots of summer weight clothes expecting low temperatures but  am happily pushing forward with what I have.  The weather has been very nice and beautiful and the changeover from morning with peasoup fog to an afternoon with 100 mile visibiilty is stunning and  unbelievable. Dave.
Captain’s log stardate Bamfield.  Usually to the company of a giant pacific octopus you should remove your mitt to see if the octo is interested in interacting.  But in Barkley Sound, some octopodes are so lonely and or lovestruck that if you put your arm down on a rock, they will suck off your glove for you. Take it right off. And take it off fast. This guy was sleeping close to the anchor and a relaxed colour of red.  We showed up and he and he shot out, slid under the rock and came out the other side playing at being a different octopus and stone white in colour.  He exhibited very unusual behaviour of standing straight up on his legs.  Best of all, I have footage of the whole thing.  Chad

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