Guest Blog 28 May 2009

Diving with the sealions was absolutely incredible. It’s hard to  even describe swimming along with such an incredibly large and  graceful animal. Highlights of last night and today were the humpbacks we saw off Solander Island and waking up to find a bald eagle perched  on top of the mast. You haven’t really gone diving until you have  done the west coast of Vancouver Island. Gordon
Swarming hordes of fun with the stellar sealions. I feel like one of the amphibians now! I have graduated to the next realm. Charles
The bald eagle was amazing. We couldn’t get him off the boat today.  He was a big old bald eagle and little ruffled and became our pet  eagle today. Dawn.
The bull stellar sealion thought I was cute.   We made MORE than eye  contact!  Bob
aaaahhhhhemmmm.   As Mike said at the dive briefing, what do you want to do?  I said – sea lions. So we hopped in the skiff INDE, drove out into open ocean, Captain Mike jumped in with us and we were immediately swarmed with sealions. It was supposed to be sea otters but the stellar sealions were superlative. I got 22 minutes of  excellent high def footage.  Chad

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