Guest Blog 27 May 2009

I found a new species of octopus. We’re calling it a 12 stiff legged fuscia pacific octopus. There you go  (note from Mike – I think Barbara Ann is enjoying happy hour).
It was a superlative day for diving. Quatsino #1 had a predicted abundance of rockfish, lingcod, greenling, wolfeel. Dive #2 at the new site should have been called Quatsino Garden instead of Captain Mike’s wrong choice of Sea Clown Rock (note from Mike – named for the hundreds of sea clown nudibranchs discovered there). It’s hard to describe because everything is changing from site to site but there was just so much and every bit of topography was covered in life. The tour of the Quatsino Sound lighthouse topped off the day. Gordon
For those of us who missed the last 2 dives, the afternoon was fantastic with the visit to the lighthouse and the families that lived there. Very interesting people and very welcoming. Dave.
The lighthouse trip was fascinating. There are 5 kids total on the island and 3 of them were riding their unicycles up and down the boardwalk. It was great. Julia.

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