Guest Blog 18 June 2009

Le Conte Bay 18 June
Comte Bay ist eine mystische Bucht in der Naehe von Petersburg. Eis ueberall soweit das Auge reicht. Der Comte Gletscher, majestaetisch, penetriert das Meer. Kalbende Gletscher, kalbende Seeloewen. Einmalig.
Heute fuehlte ich mich wie 20 jahre juenger. Ich bin sehr dankbar diese tolle welt mit gleichgesinnten geteilt zu haben. Werde diese starken eindruecke nie vergessen. Wau…. michel
Amazing, brilliant – has to be experienced.  Playing amongst the ice brought out the child in everyone.  Spectacular scenery along the way – especially the number of eagles at Petersburg. Definitely a memorable day.
I can’t say I felt 20 years younger like the others today playing in the ice cause that would make me have felt like a baby but I really felt alive vital and amazed today even if there wasnt any diving today. It was great. Tom
Amazing, just amazing… to be experiencing many eagles soaring and then visit the glaziers and snorkeling around the Icebergs. Add to that Sten the Viking and his wife, Tanya, stranded on their own iceberg, … breathtaking.

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