Guest Blog 19 June 2009

Admirality Island
New site for everyone – unbelievable! Crab orgy! Literally thousands of juvenile Alaska king crabs at 15 feet.  Wide variety of life here.
From the non-divers in the group – sadly no grizzlies but plenty of sea otters, humpback whales, eagles and incredible mountains.  Annie.
It is fun to do an exploratory dive on a new location. Captain Mike put is in a narrow channel on the end of an inlet. It turned out to be a great dive. Shallow with a  little kelp near the shoreline, the site had a tremendous amount of macro life that was spectacular!
This is my third Alaska trip on the Nautilus Explorer and it is even more fantastic than the last two.  Highlight of today was watching a bald eagle swim across the water at beautiful Admiralty Island. Honestly, it is even more fantastic. Ruth
Today was fantastic. The State of California wreck was excellent. Just excellent. We hit the stern of the wreck at 215 feet and saw huge cloud sponges and excellent visibility. Peter
At a depth of 14 feet on our exploratory dive today I saw hundred and hundreds of Alaska king crab. Each pile would have hundreds of king crabs crawling on top of each other in clusters. As I looked around, I could see piles all over the place. I think I must have seen thousands of king crab in total. I also saw the biggest sea cucumbers of my life. These guys looked like they were on steroids. Some of them were over 2 feet long. And there were hermit crabs by the thousands as well as weird decorator crabs that looked just like puget sound king crabs all over the place. Or maybe they were puget sound king crabs that have picked up the behaviour of decorator crabs!!  Stuart

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