Guest Blog 01 July 2009

Happy Canada Day from Alaska
Fantastic beautiful 3 dimensional rich walls today accompanied by fantastic ballet of stellar sealions. Maggie
Beaten up by stellar sealions today. It was great. Dave
Ballet of the stellar sealions was fabulous. Oh wow, beautiful soft coral today. Robbie.
Wonderful day today. Great dive with stellar sealions. They are not scary. Just playful and curious and they like the taste of the fins. And we had a marvelous full-service crab feast on the beach bonfire. I didn’t think so much of the melted roasted marshmellows. I’ll stick with the fantastic crabs. Manuela.
It is a great, friendly, service orientated crew.  Sybille
This dive was a hammer (ref: german expression!) I love flirting with sealions. Ute
The most surprising thing that happened to me today was when a stellar sealion came up behind me and knocked me in the head with his fin. They are definitely a bit more aggressive than California sealions. Lots of critters hiding out in all the soft coral – just like the human scuba divers. Rick.
Everything is fine. We have beer, whiskey, pretzels and a beautiful crab feast. Stephan
Merveilleuse plongee avec les phoques. Enjoues et curieux. Difficile de choisir entre les phoques et la beaute du mur. Nathalie
J’ai adore jouer avec les phoques, c’est une experience formidable et inoubliable. Olivia
We’ve been skimming stones with a competition on the beach. Timmy won even though we practiced for hours. Timmy got off the inflatable and ding boom and won. My most was 6. Simon got 8. Jackie got 2 and hit a boulder. Dan got 7 but not on the final competiion. Timmy did 9. Suzi
Happy Canada Day. Jackie.

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