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  • Whale shark in the Sea of Cortez

    Whale Sharks, Orcas, Sea Lions and More in Bahia de los Angeles

    Incredible. There must have been 3 or 4 whale sharks that we swam with.

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  • Guest Blog 2 July 2009

    Saw lots of coral today all over the walls – orange, white, red, pink.  There were also tons of nudibranchs. I got a picture today of a sea otter in the foreground, a whale spouting behind it and beautiful snowy mountains in the background.  Where else can you see that. Robbie I saw a snail laying eggs in a circular pattern and lots of good sized nudibranch egg masses. Susan’s Hooters were spectacular and well named. Rick Safety stop in 2 metre surge at “Dog Pile”  was fun…. (named for the stellar sealions who often swim by and frequent this site). Simon Petit tour en bateau pneumatique pour filmer…

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  • Guest Blog 01 July 2009

    Happy Canada Day from Alaska Fantastic beautiful 3 dimensional rich walls today accompanied by fantastic ballet of stellar sealions. Maggie Beaten up by stellar sealions today. It was great. Dave Ballet of the stellar sealions was fabulous. Oh wow, beautiful soft coral today. Robbie. Wonderful day today. Great dive with stellar sealions. They are not scary. Just playful and curious and they like the taste of the fins. And we had a marvelous full-service crab feast on the beach bonfire. I didn’t think so much of the melted roasted marshmellows. I’ll stick with the fantastic crabs. Manuela. It is a great, friendly, service orientated crew.  Sybille This dive was a hammer (ref: german expression!) I love…

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  • Incredible dive site guarded by stellar sealions

    Location: Inian Islands, Icy Strait, southeast Alaska. There is a potential dive site at Inian Island that I have been super keen to check out for a couple of years. It feels right. It looks right with a sheer wall plunging to 220 feet. And it is current swept. So today we kitted up and jumped in the water at this new site. Holy cow! This site was absolutely gorgeous. Loads of soft coral everywhere as well as anemones, sponge, tunicates, bryozoan and all sorts of other intensely colorful animals as well as good fish life and beautiful kelp. The wall was so covered in life that there was literally no…

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