Guest Blog 2 July 2009

Saw lots of coral today all over the walls – orange, white, red, pink.  There were also tons of nudibranchs. I got a picture today of a sea otter in the foreground, a whale spouting behind it and beautiful snowy mountains in the background.  Where else can you see that. Robbie
I saw a snail laying eggs in a circular pattern and lots of good sized nudibranch egg masses. Susan’s Hooters were spectacular and well named. Rick
Safety stop in 2 metre surge at “Dog Pile”  was fun…. (named for the stellar sealions who often swim by and frequent this site). Simon
Petit tour en bateau pneumatique pour filmer les aigles. Le soleil brile, les phoques crient au loin postes sur leur rocher.  Nathalie
Super Ausflug mit dem Schlauchboot. Viele neugierige Seeloewen, 9 ueber uns kreisende Adler, Seeotter die uns begutachteten und Natur, Natur, Natur… Ute
The Inian Islands a magical place underwater. Walls festooned with multicolored soft corals, golden stalked compound tunicates, polychromatic red Irish lords, inquisitive Stellar sea lions, monstrous orange peel nudibranchs, a profusion of smooth velvet snails, warbonnets and grunt sculpins lurking in cracks and crevices. To dive Inian wall is to see and experience cold water diving at its best. Above water is resplendent with feeding humpback whales, perched and soaring bald eagles, flocks of Bonaparte’s and glaucous winged gulls, streaming lines of pelagic cormorants, resting sea otters and the occasional tufted puffin. Marc and Michelle
Les iles Inian se situent dans le Icy Strait et sont absolument a faire par tous les amoureux d’eau froide et d’etanche. La nature ainsi que les plongees sont spectaculaires, des couleurs ainsi qu’une vie sous-marine que vous ne verrez nulle par ailleurs. Inge.

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