Icebergs to heat-wave

Location: Steaming northbound in the Inside Passage to Alaska
It seems like it was just a couple of days ago that I was bundled up in a thermal suit, paddling around the icebergs in Le Conte.   Had an amazing time kayaking with my kids – especially when we discovered an ice-cave inside a big berg and were able to paddle right inside.   One side of the cave was  like a very thick pane of glass.  Crystal clear with just the odd air bubble imbedded in it.  It was really something to be in a glistening blue sparkly cave in our kayaks and be able to put our hands against the sheet of clear ice.   Fast forward several days and 700 miles down the coast to find ourselves in the biggest heat-wave I have ever experienced in Vancouver.   It was 96 degrees when we tied up at the end of the trip!!   That’s really something for this part of the world and I suspect we will pay the price with a late-summer plankton bloom.  Drat if that happens because the in-water visibility has been excellent – spectacular – this last week and a half.  Captain Mike
Weather: Clear, muggy and very hot.  Not a breath of wind.  Flat calm.

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