Guest blog from the hot-tub anchored at Shushartie Bay – Aug 1/09

Is that a computer?   The diving was spectacular when I was at my safety stop after seeing 3 giant pacific octopus.   You need a third clasper for a reason.   Mary.
Is that a girlie drink??   (answer from Monte – Captain Mike called it in that way).   Roxanne
Is that your third clasper or are you just glad to see me?   Jim   (note from Mike  –  Jim is fascinated by the fact that chimera have 3 claspers  –   guess where the third one is!!!)..
I saw a bunch of nudibranchs today including a really cool one that was white with big yellow gills on the top of his back.   Loads of anemones – not just the big ones but also crimson anemones with beautiful clown shrimp around the base and also tube dwelling anemones.   Vis was really cr*ppy but we still saw lots of cool stuff and the diving was very good.  Bruce
Saw a 10 foot long giant pacific octopus in a crevice.  He was bloody big.  I also saw my first ratfish and whatever that big grey eel is!!   Anne
You’re the man!!!   I love Alaska IPA.  Lynn

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