Guest Blog – Alaska Ice Fun August 4/09

Tom – Meg makes a great martini but she doesn’t deliver it on a kayak like Katherine does! What service!  We are still trying to figure out how many martinis we could have made with all that ice.
Jim – Even without going underwater we had a highlight day on the ice…drinking on the ice and hanging out so close to the glacier was great.
Sandy – The day started out slow but what a fun afternoon – I knew I was going to get in and snorkel with the ice but once I was in I have to say it even topped the night snorkel Mike lets us do in Socorro with the Silkies.
Steve – A little surprised at Dano’s jacket purchase…
Eric – Climbing on the ice was a unique experience for sure – something I have never done before and will probably never have occasion to to do again.
Kennen – Another crazy Nautilus experience – from Socorro snorkelling with sharks to kayaking among iceburgs in Alaska.

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