Guest Blog – Jumping Salmon in Alaska Aug 5/09

Scott P. – Jumping Salmon everywhere!
Dan & Roxanne – Chinooks, Pinks, by the thousands eagerly waiting their turn to swim upsteam for the last time.
Mark – Snorkeling in drysuits at the mouth of the river surrounded by Salmon, occasionally poking your head up looking for bears!  What a day, some things you can only see in cold water….46 degrees!
Karl – The beautiful summer sunshine is rapidly turning the snow cave into a snow arch, the weather couldn’t be better up here in Alaska.
Lynn & Janet – The three waterfalls are clear, cold and delicious, flowing from the 2500′ mountain peaks.
Steve – I was calling the Grizzlies, but they must not have heard me over the splashing Salmon and the cascading waterfalls.  A real piece of paradise, hard to leave such an amazing place.  I still wants to see a Grizz, and I deserve it after a full afternoon of kayaking around the inlet.
Grant – The moon jellyfish were breathtaking as we decending apon them earlier in the day, they move with such grace, what a contrast between them and us underwater.

By Nautilus Staff

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