Guest Blog – Close encounters with stellar sea lions – Aug.7/09

I loved the humpback whales.  We saw 2 stellar sealions playing with a humpback whale.   And I liked the shopping onboard today.   Anne had an encounter with a stellar sealion of the 3rd kind.  Roxanne
Second dive today was great conditions, great visiblity, very little current – a little chilly – but lots to see.  Great zodiac tour today.  Saw 5 humpback whales that hung around with us for 15 minutes.   And the best part of the day was kayaking with my bride of 23 years.  Dan
Ehhh.  Richard  (note from Captain Mike  –  he is english)..
Today was very good.     The stellar sealions really like the camera domeports.  Monte
I survived getting mouthed by a stellar sealion.  And then getting slapped in the back of my head.  And then I got slapped in the front but managed to hold on to my mask and regulator.    The best part of my day was seeing sea lion rock FROM A DISTANCE in the zodiac.  Anne
Topside photography was as good or even better than underwater.  I saw stellars, whales, seaotters, bald eagles, baby cormorants, puffins..  Scott..
Saw lots of decorator crabs on the second dive (Wall of Life) and it was much more relaxing than the current on the first dive (Inian Wall).   Captain Mike twisted my arm to go but I’m glad he did.  Carl
I loved seeing the humpback whales from the inflatable today.   Janet
I enjoyed filming the stellar sealion who was all over Marty’s camera.  I haven’t seen a sealion mouth a camera like that before.  Lynn
I like the food. Kannen
Inian Islands are my favourite of all the islands in southeast Alaska.  Ed.
I’m the glad the stellar sealions behaved today (for once) and I got out with fewer puncture wounds to my hood than last time   (I think she is joking but not sure – Captain Mike).  Mary

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