Guest Blog – Aug. 8/09

Jim – My highlight was the Transpac dive followed closely by the jelly fish dive and a close third was the Salmon snorkel – The amazing food fits in there somewhere too!
Steve – There wasn’t a highlight for me – the whole weeks was full of surprises – however if I had to choose, Inian passage with the eagles, otters, whales, the incredible view, and the diving topped the list.
Lynn – We ran out of IPA – how can I choose a highlight?  Maybe the highlight will be tonight experimenting with new drinks.
Janet – Just reading and relaxing and while Lynn was underwater, the Peace and Quiet! My second time as a non-diver, I am convinced that The Nautilus Explorer is as good for non-divers as it is for divers.
Scott – My highlight just happened today – the last day – The Princess Kathleen was, by far, one of the best wrecks I have ever dived on.  Warm water and cold water considered.
Linda – The glaciers were my highlight – maybe the whales actually – ahhhh it was all wonderful.  And I have never been on a boat that pays so much attention to non-divers.  They didn’t just have lots to do for us but we (the non-divers) felt important and as much a priority to the crew as the divers.
Tom – The Smudges – There are only a few places in the world you can see jellyfish like that.  I always wanted to do Palau but now I don’t need to.  I have seen humpbacks, sharks, mantas and eels all over the world but this was completely unigue and one of the highlights, not just of the charter, but of my diving career.

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