Alaska season is over but Guadalupe white sharks is starting.

Location: San Diego, California  –  Guadalupe Island
I’m sad to report that our Alaska scuba diving season is done and complete.   We had a great summer and I personally had a fabulous time and was able to get a dive in most days.   My favourite memories include dropping down to the bottom of the wreck of the Transpac at 285 feet in crystal clear water, discovering smudge diving and introducing a bevy of guests to the wonders of diving around dense schools of aggregating jelly fish, diving  the very seldom visited Solander Island on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, discovering a number of new dive sites and having the – ahem – scared out of me by a marauding wild pack of stellar sealions.  I will really miss diving Alaska and British Columbia for a while.  But while good things come to an end, we have new and exciting things starting up.  The crew and I are literally quivering with excitement about our first Guadalupe Island great white shark diving trip in 2 days time.  We can’t wait to get out there.  And we can’t wait to get in the water.  Especially in our giant new submersible cage.  I thought our first submersible cage was cool with it’s clear lexan floor allowing you to feel like you are standing on top of a white shark in 40 feet of water when and if a shark brushes the bottom of the cage.   But our new double decker cage is something else because of it’s size.  11 feet x 5.5 feet and rigged for only 4 divers plus a divemaster makes for a very spacious habitat.  And it has second story seating with a  safety railing allowing divers to sit on top of the cage in 40 feet of clear blue water  (125 foot visiblity is common) and watch white sharks up to 18 feet in length swim right past.   I can’t wait to get out there and do my first submersible dive in the new cage.. Captain Mike
Weather: Heat wave 90 degrees  (and new air conditioning being installed as I write this) and forest fires on the hills around us.

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