Guest blog – Aug 30/09

Today was fantastic.  I have a new favourite dive.  Guadalupe Island.   I wanted a picture of a great white shark and I got 2 keepers today.  I am a happy man.   Al Hornsby
Diving with great white sharks was very nice today. I don’t think you good ask for a better day.  The sharks were awesome.  You couldn’t ask for anything more. Clarke
Today was a great experience.  I had never seen a white shark before other than an aquarium. sometihing else to cross off my to-do list.   Orlando
Today’s diving was really good.  I’ve never seen a great white shark while diving before.  That’s why I came on this trip.  I expect more white sharks tomorrow.   I’m convinced they won’t touch me.    Thore
This is my second Guadalupe great white shark trip on the Nautilus Explorer and it is equally fantastic.   I knew when I came out with Mike the first time I had to come back.  And I have fulfilled that dream.  Dan Orr.
Today’s great white sharks were incredible.  Beautiful.  I don’t have words to describe it..  The Nautilus Explorer is fantastic.  Holley.
I saw the first great white shark of the day.  First thing I saw was it’s nose and oh my gosh, it was a big shark and coming right for us.   Being on top of the submersible cage was a little intimidating.   Bruce showed up when I was on top and Captain Mike tapped me on the head to go back inside and then he jumped in right after me.  Bruce was very close!!   Kathleen.
“Jack Attack” – the drink with bite  (courtesy of Diver’s Alert Network)   12 oz lemonade concentrate, 18 oz. beer, 12 oz Jack Daniels – Black Label.  Blend well – pour over ice.

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