Guest Blog – Sept. 26/09

Today was a very active day,  there where times in the submersible cages when you actually got dizzy going from side to side taking photos of the sharks all around.  They are very intelligent creatures and it is very obvious from observing them..    Jessica Richards
today was another great day lots of sharks . Very exciting .  Great crew they go out of there way to help  you. Food snacks drinks all day long great trip !!!! bob shearer
Wonderful. I have never seen such beautful animals. The whole experience has been phenominal. Somerville
Excellent!!! Good shark diving. Both days had one excelent dive and all the rest were acceptable.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring more good dives. Kingsley Graham
Today. Like yesterday was fantastic. We had a lot of interaction with the sharks and with a great effort from the crew of the boat, it could have not been a better day… it was perfect. Richards

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