Guest Blog – Oct. 12/09

Kemel, chika, and Levonne put on an all day show. They took long sweeping pass byes that thrilled the people on top of the cages.  We all had a few oh $$$ moments and ducked backed down the opening on top of the cages . A seal showed up and tested it’s luck dodging the sharks. The seal escaped unharmed but did get one surface strike attempt at it. We all felt lucky to have such constant action with big sharks. The energy was up all day and the sharks matched it. We knew the day would start well as we woke to dolphins striding by. Thanks nautilus for a great trip. Allister Brookes
Today a new woman entered my life and stole my heart with her beautiful smile. Kimel∑henceforth renamed Pornstar.  On multiple dives Pornstar posed for me and strutted her stuff.  As I sang to her she would close on the cage with liquid grace and classical beauty.  At one point I watched as Chuck Norris (California Sea Lion) came and attempted to distract her from my lens only to be rebuffed, and almost eaten by my lovely sea queen.  With sadness in my heart I was raised from the cage and am now sailing back to Ensenada.  Forever my soul will be attached to the adventure of Guadalupe Island and my true love∑.Pornstar.  —  Jeff Rodensky

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