Guest Blog – Oct. 30/09

Day 1 – better than expected, first time in the cage two magnificent sightings, active the whole time in. Second time down in the cage, big mama! 12 inches from my face on several occasions…she gets a lot closer to me than my wife. She hung around for everyone to see. John
wifes response…that’s the most action he’s getting this trip! Words to future guests, the first time you see a white shark, put your hand over your regulator or risk spitting it out!
Captains response…ouch!
Great first day. Saw a beautiful fat lady with a great white smile, named Stimpy, who hung out with us all day long. Stimpy circled us a few times and gave us plenty of entertainment, and something of a spiritual experience. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Melissa
Excellent first day of diving.  We were lucky enough to get be the first once to get a glimpse of the first shark of the day on our way down the sub cage. However that glimpse was short lived for that round.  Next round was a different story.  We were in the surface cages and a big shark “Stimpy” came and circled the bottom cage.  It was very exciting for me to see my first shark up close.  It was time for us to go down in the sub cage.  Once we were down Stimpy came bake and circled us three times.  She came very close to us for some great pictures and videos.  Quite the AWESOME first day.  Can’t wait for day two and three!!!
Dan lu
El dia de hoy fue una gran experiencia, el poder observar estos magnificos animales en un escenario maravilloso en territorio mexicano. Entramos temprano a las jaulas y el dia empezo tranquilo, hasta que aparecio el primer tiburon. Es imponente poder estar a unos metros de estos tiburones y apreciar su tamano, el color, como se acercar a observarte curiosamente. Despues de pasar viendolos en la television por anos, es indescriptible poderlos ver en vivo. El dia de hoy vimos unos 4 o 5 diferentes. Esperemos que manana la accion siga en aumento. Es impresionante poder estar frente a uno de los animales mas imponentes del mundo.
Rafel, Rafael jr. Alejandro y Adrian Martinez Frausto.
Splash down!  Everyone is in the water and the sharks seem to have noticed.  The last dive of the day stands out to me most…inky blue waters at dusk, the shadowy figures of the sharks melting in and out of sight.  Remarkable.

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