Guest Blog – Nov.1/09

The sharks were off to a slow start this morning, but a few whales showed up in the distance to help. Most of us spent the first morning dive looking for ways to entertain ourselves…I was trying to catch fish with my bare hands. Actually came close a couple of times, but that is more a testimony to the number of fish around rather than my karate kid skills. The afternoon came and the sharks started showing up and once they showed up, they were here to stay. We had an aggressive girl that hung out for the afternoon but still stayed fairly low. However for my very last dive of the day, which was also sadly our last dive of the trip this girl showed up in full force! She was coming right up to our cage and stayed close the entire dive! It was by far the best dive of the trip!! This has been a fantastic experience and we’ve got a great crew that has been taking care of us. There is also a great group of people traveling on this one.. we’ve got a shark scientist, an imax film crew, another videographer/photographer, and a great bunch of adventurists from all over the world on this boat. It has truly been the trip of a lifetime!!
Esta experiencia fue fantastica por mucho tiempo mis hijos y yo esperamos la oportunidad de estar frente a frente con el Gran Tiburon Blanco. Haber podido pasar 3 dias observando  a este magnifico animal no tiene palabras para expresar nuestra emocion La on y el profesionalismo del equipo del Nautilus Explorer ha hecho de estos dias una aventura maravillosa
If I didn’t see anything beyond the first day, it would have been ok since it was incredible.  As it turned out, my husband and I were 7 for 7 on shark sightings, all of which were incredible.  The sharks were great, but the staff was even better as they were waiting for you to climb out of a cage with hot beverages and snacks.  The Dive Masters are the best there are – they take great care of you personally, and know how to attract the sharks.  I am on a high as we head home, but bummed to be leaving such a great experience behind, and the wonderful staff and new friends we met.

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