Guest Blog – Nov.19/09

This day will stay in our memories forever; We saw a real huge and curious whale shark at Roca Partida. It came really close by and returned twice, which offers me the great opportunity to take photos as well. Awesome!!! Next to that we saw a big school of hammerheads and silvertips almost on every dive. The ocean here is so full of life that I sometimes see nothing else behind the wall of fish. I saw a big group of jackfish hunting and forcing themselves through an uncountable number of fishes. I would love to have a view of 360 degree to ensure not to miss anything. Big lobsters are moving like freeclimbers on that endless rock and morays are almost everywhere. I saw probably hundreds of white tipped sharks of any possible size at my last dive here. I also enjoyed my last sunset here from the skip, illuminating the Nautilus in all colors from yellow to red. What a great goodbye, even if we are sad to leave this fantastic place now. Anyway, the great moments we had here burned a big smile on my face, when we now head towards Socorro, our final diving destination. This tour is so spectacular and offers me more than I could ever expect and I enjoy every second of it. Thousands of thanks to the incredible crew, who use every second of the day to make this tour unforgettable.

By Nautilus Staff

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