Guest Blog – Nov.28/09

Offered the crew my vegemite which I bought all the way from Oz just for them, but I had no takers. Oh well, I have 5 more days to convince them of its ability to make you the sort of person that when you dive, the fish, they stop they watch. Michael
Los buceos de hoy fueron excelentes, hoy descubri que los tiburones Cornudos SI EXISTEN!!, hoy tuve mi primeros tres encuentros, en un par de ocasiones a menos de 2 metros!!!. La vida en Roca Partida es abundante, muchos tiburones punta blanca, tiburones plateados, Cornudos y Atunes GRANDES!!!. Martin y Alejandra
Listos para el dia siguiente!
There are no fish at Roca Partida, except for a school of hammerheads, tons of whitetips, a bunch of dolphins and some behemoth tuna. Hope to see some mantas tomorrow and maybe the whale shark we ordered.
Ron, Grant, John, Albert

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