Calm seas for diving at Roca Partida

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Revillagigedos, Mexico
This trip we had got from the forcast to have the calm seas of the week at Roca Partida (Socorro). So if we would get two nice calm days at Roca Partida we have to start there to do our check-out diving.
Roca Partida is not really the place for a checkout dive as we got a vertical wall to dive by and the bottom is on 240 -250ft. So what we are doing is to set up a shot line to 30 ft in the stern of the Nautilus Explorer and then leading a tight line up to the anchor chain and we all go down checking out bouyancyand gear and putting on our heads on dive mode.
First day on the Rock was good and sharky but not as much as we had last trip. Current was ok put moving. Silver tips sharks, Galapagos shark and some of us got surprised by a hammerhead shark just passing us a couple of feet in front of our nose.
Next day was even better , the hammerhead sharks did beautiful passes over and over coming vertically up the wall from the deep almost up to the surface and down and up over and over again. A lot of them came up really close. This is the typical behaviour they have when they are coming in to get cleaned.
It continued being sharky and the action of huge Tunas bursting in to the schools of Creolfish and being amazed about the speed this beautiful animal can do.
This time we did not get the giant mantas. Hope for them in Socorro Island and San Benedicto.
Weather: Very calm almost no wind, Sunny 30 C and a very long swell.
Water: about 25 C , No real thermo clime that made the sharks except the hammerhead sharks to be a bit deeper. Viz from 60-80 ft yellyfish in the water , but not so much of the stinging once , but limited the viz a bit.

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