A whale shark at the Canyon – Guest blog. Dec.21/09

Aaron: The Canyon was my first Manta experience.  I think it was the best moment all charter for me.  Well maybe seeing the Loggerhead turtle on my 200th dive.  I don’t know: it was all wonderful and new and exciting.  Cheers! (holding up Baileys over ice in a glass) It was an unforgettable trip on the Nautilus Explorer in the Revillegigados.
Sean: Best moment: Seeing the Whale Shark at The Canyon.  Actually I take that back – It was the Bottlenose Dolphins at Socorro.  But who am I to split hairs?  You know it was a good dive trip when you are trying to decide which was better: A Whale Shark or Dolphins!
Charo: I did every dive this trip.  The only thing I missed was the Silky Shark snorkel.  I watched from the service which I think was just as much fun.  Flying Fish jumping (or should I say flying?) everywhere with the Silkies racing to and fro after them.  At one point a Dolphin was circling a Silky Shark which was also circling.  It was like watching two dogs chase each others tails.  Poor Flying Fish.

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