Why would anyone want to scuba dive in Alaska???

Captain Mike here.  It’s Christmas and cold up in British Columbia where the Nautilus Explorer’s shore office is headquartered. The following is a sneak peak of a Pixnat production that was shot onboard the Nautilus last summer.
Alaska 2009
I think it captures the essence of 47 degree F cold-water diving in Alaska and BC perfectly and we hope you enjoy it.   A lot of people are baffled about why keep steaming back up to Alaska in the Nautilus Explorer and  go to the effort of donning drysuits and jumping into “temperate water”  (actually, it is no bother at all putting on a drysuit once you are used to it but that’s a different story).  Best example I can give of how addictive cold-water diving is by relating that I recently decided to take a couple of days off and rent a beach house on the wild and wooly west coast of Vancouver Island where the newest thing is “storm watching”.  Yup, you sit at the edge of the north Pacific and watch the winter storm induced waves crash on the beach.  Fun huh!   The  thing is that despite the winter chill, the heavy rain, the wind and the big seas, I absolutely had to bring my scuba diving gear along even though it was only for 1 splash in Ucluelet harbour.  That is the allure of cold-water scuba diving – completely addictive and it always feel like a million bucks afterwards..  It’s something we miss during the long periods of time when the Nautilus Explorer is down at Guadalupe and Socorro Islands in Mexico.    Happy holidays.  I am sure my friend Nathalie from Pixnat Productions will do a wonderful job of capturing that essence of Alaska and can’t wait to see the final product.   Happy holidays.  Mike

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