Taking a chance on an earlier than usual start to Guadalupe great white shark season pays off – dive guide log – August 4, 2010.

Captain Mike decided to take a chance and start our Guadalupe Island great white shark season earlier than usual this year.  we had always heard the stories from local fishermen and scientists that the white sharks are present at Guadalupe at the end of July.  Sure enough  today is our 4th day with shark diving has been real good, It has been sharks  from morning to evening, not too many individuals . Mostly there has been 4 males in size from 3.5 to 4 m long 10-12 ft. We spotted a small 7-8 footer that just swiftly passed by with no wish to stay with its bigger brothers.
In total I counted 7 different individuals.
It has been sunny , dead calm seas, great viz and we have been totally spoiled of sharks. divers are smiling , It is a dream to bee working in this kind of conditions!
This morning we took a few trips with the skiffs to have a look at the Guadelupe furseasls and a few resting elephant seals as a change of all the sharks. We did not get to see the beaked whales close up , but they are out there, We spotted them with binoculars yesterday.
In the early evening we did our last dive with sharks following up in the end there where only 2 left but they did not leave us, even when we sat up the cages.
We packed and lashed our cages and secured all gear and cameras and wetsuits ready for going back to Ensenada. A great 12 days trip with good company of excellent guests and the team of Nautilus Explorer. The variation with the Channel island, Island opping and end up here in Mexico starting up the new season of Guadalupe.
Lets do that again!!
Surface conditions: Flat water, 28 C in the sun, Sunny
Underwater conditions: Viz 120ft-40 m Temp: 16-18C ca 65F
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