Endlessly fascinating cage diving with great white sharks — these guys were bitiing each other today!! I was so wrong in thinking I would be bored with cage diving – divemaster Log – July 10, 2010

Like the final on firework of 4 of July!  Thats what I heard a guest said when we ended up our last dive. Our two days before has been really nice and active with good great white sharking. Our last day it started a bit slow but it picked up towards the end of the end of the day with 3 male sharks. One was Jonny, the other two I am not sure. This 3 males where really trying out each others to find out who was on the top of the hierarchy. Very active in following each others and parallel swimming and I saw a couple of times the smallest one bolting away from one bigger approaching male and even one male biting after the head of the other male in its size. The smaller male did beautiful passes up at the surface and way above our cages, it just came and came and it just continued to come from all directions that made our heads spin around and hoses getting tangled up with each others. It was a great finish of this trip. Just undoing the cages when we where packing up I looked behind my by the surface Scar or also known Shredder, the most famous shark in Guadalupe made a good bye pass by. Yes he is here this year as well we saw him for first time this year two days ago. It is always a relief when you see him that he still survived an other year.
It is my 4th year I am doing this shark diving in Guadalupe , and I was not really so interested when I was asked to come and work with this. Cages? me I dive free if I will dive not sit and rot in a cage. Today I spend 4-5 hrs every day  I am here, under water watching the great white sharks and it just gets more interesting to study them and try to understand their behavior. I have learned to understand some bits and pieces , but just get more questions of this beautiful fantastic animals. I will be having time off after this trip and hand it over to Jessie “Shark chick” Harper with Peter Schalkwijk and Pedro Cervantes,  great friends and very experienced in this work and as divers. Great to have back on board!  I be back in a few weeks! Big Hug!
Surface conditions. Cloudy morning bright sun later on in the day temp 26 C 80 F
Under water conditions. Viz has been 120+ ft 40 m

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